The Masters Tour of Chiang Mai 10th Anniversary Issue has now been planned for October 09 to 12, 2021.

Probably like all of you, we had hoped that there would be a chance for the Thai National borders to reopen for international travel earlier, but as pandemic keeps raging throughout the world this hasn’t happened yet.

As the spirit of the Masters Tour of Chiang Mai has always been that of a gathering of cyclists of all ages from all over the world, it would be undue to hold the event on a National level only.

At a time when the new vaccines start rolling out to the world we are getting increasingly optimistic that things will improve in the months to come and that we will see a “new normal” next fall.

So please take note of our new dates on the second weekend of October 2021, and hopefully we will all see each other again in Chiang Mai at that time. Please find the – not yet confirmed – schedule including the stages HERE.

Meanwhile we are sending our seasonal greetings, wishing you best of health & good luck and of course good legs at all time,

Wisut & Fidel