Stage 1 – Mae Ngat Dam Loop

(Friday, October 21, 2022)
74,5 km – 420 m vertical

Master Tour of Chiang Mai’s classical first stage road race

    • 74.5 kms with 420 m vertical climb
    • Sprinters’ Stage
    • Mainly flat with some some rolling hills
    • King of the Mountain with 1.5 km 5% climb at km 33.4 and ay flat sprint finish
    • Re-Start is 20 km from Race Hotel Sirinart Garden
  • Sign in at Race Hotel Sirinart Garden at 6:30 am, Start rolling to restart at 7:00 am.
  • Take part in the rolling is compulsory.
  • Trophy ceremony to take place approximately 30 min after race ends at finish line
  • Finish line back to the hotel is a 20 km ride. Feel free to take motorized transport.

Download zipped GPX file here…,

Strava Race Map

Find Strava route here
View it as a cue sheet: here

Stage 2 – Circuit Race @ CMRU Campus

(Saturday, October 22, 2022)

30/40 km – 420/550 m vertical

The Chiang Mai Rajabhat University campus North of Mae Rim offers an amazing virtually traffic-free circuit of 5 km that has got a bit of everything: several climbs including a short steep one, some corners that require riding skill as well as one fast downhill. For our 10th anniversary issue, we once again invite you to compete there.

  • 6 or 8 laps of 5 kms and 70 m vertical climb each. A total of 420/550 m vertical climb. Download zipped Garmin GPX file here…
  • Challenging circuit with climbs, downhills and corners
  • King of the Mountain in lap 4
  • Starting time for each category will be communicated prior to the race
  • Trophy ceremony to take place at finish line approximately 20 min after each category’s race ends
  • Rolling is NOT compulsory – feel free to commute there by car or van.
  • Transfer from Hotel Sirinart Garden to the race site and back is included for those booking our Race Transfer Package.
  • Find your way there downloading zipped Garmin GPX file here…

Strava Race Map

Stage 3 – Top of Samoeng

(Sunday, October 23, 2022)

74 km – 810 m vertical

Once again, the climbing stage of this year’s Masters Tour of Chiang Mai will end at the top of the “switchbacks” on Samoeng Road. Rolling start will be per peloton at our race headquarter, Hotel Sirinart Garden. After a neutralized ride of 8.5 km the race will be opened by flag down. All distances are given including the rolling kms.

  • Start at Hotel Sirinart Garden on Canal Road
  • Rolling on Canal Road southbound
  • Restart via flag down approx at km 8.5 shortly after Samoeng intersection
  • Follow Canal Road
  • Merge onto the newly built highway at km 22
  • U-turn at km 30
  • Back on the highway and on Canal Road
  • Intermediate Sprint (IS) at km 50, in front of Mug Café (Red Sign)
  • Left at km 53.5 at Samoeng intersection
  • Several consecutive shorter climbs on Samoeng Road
  • KOM at km 71
  • After KOM the road keeps climbing for another 3 km and 200 m vertical
  • Finish line at km 74 on top of the Samoeng switchbacks
  • Rolling starts grouped per peloton in a 10 minute interval.
  • Open A & B as well as 30-39 will go on after that as follows:
    • descend switchbacks (2.8 km @ ramps of partly 16%, please be careful!)
    • climb 5 km, 420 m vertical, on the other side to Samoeng pass
    • U-turn
    • descend previously climbed 5 km
    • climb switchbacks (2.8 km, 290 m)
    • finish on top of switchbacks at km 89.4
    • See Strava file for the elite route here…
  • Download zipped Garmin GPX File here…
  • Trophy ceremony will take place after the end of the stage at the “Thachang Hill Café”, about 1 km back down from the KOM
  • Transfer back to Hotel Sirinart Garden is included for those booking our Race Transfer Package

Stage 4 – ITT To Doi Suthep

(Monday, October 24, 2022)

11 km – 650 m vertical

This climb’s fame has spread far and wide: the 10.8 km and 650 m vertical climb from Chiang Mai up to Doi Suthep, the city’s famous and revered Golden Buddhist Pagoda, has become a cycling classic. For many years it has been the final challenge of our multi-day stage race, fit to dispel doubts of who will be crowned Masters Tour of Chiang Mai champion.

  • Start at Chiang Mai Zoo
  • Give what you’ve got for almost 11 km
  • Trophy ceremony is 1 km back down the road at the view point
  • Start lists will be available by 3 pm on Sunday, January 24, 2021 (TBC)
  • Race including trophy ceremony end by 12 pm latest, usually as early as 10:30 am, so plenty of time to get a shower and catch a mid-afternoon flight, if you have to leave so soon.
  • Download zipped Garmin GPX File here…

Strava Race Map

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